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Animal Services

Mississauga Animal Services
...helping people and pets live together in safety and harmony.



Winter Weather and Your Pet

The winter weather can present many challenges to pets. Ice, snow, salt, and grit may accumulate on your pet's feet and in turn, cause irritation. To avoid this you can buy special winter booties for pets or simply wipe or rinse your pet’s paws with lukewarm water after each walk to remove snow, grit and salt residue. Extra care must be taken while walking pets as unexpected slippery conditions can increase the chance of a fall.

If you own a pet that is allowed to play outdoors, remember to check their paws too. If you think your pet may be experiencing irritation from the snow, ice, grit, salt, or any other medical issue consult your veterinary practitioner.

During extreme weather conditions pets without adequate shelter must be brought indoors.  Read more about the City’s standards of care requirements in the City’s Animal Care & Control By-law

For additional information about Standards of Care, click here and here.

Urban Coyotes:

The City of Mississauga is setting new standards of care to protect animals with changes to the Animal Care and Control By-law 0098-04.

To find out more please click

As part of the Enforcement Division, Animal Services encourages safe and enjoyable communities for both people and pets.  The Animal Care and Control Bylaw has been established to reflect Mississauga's community values.

Our philosophy is to promote responsible pet ownership.  Our goal is to encourage voluntary bylaw compliance by first educating then enforcing the bylaw. 

The first step in responsible pet ownership is licensing all cats and dogs

Remember to Purchase or Renew Your Pet Licence
The Mississauga Animal Care and Control By-law 0098-04 requires all dogs and cats in Mississauga to be licensed. Licences are renewed each year.

Beginning February 2015, a $100 penalty will be applied for failure to:
• Purchase or renew a licence.
• Ensure the licence is visible on the pet’s collar.

Mississauga Animal Services provides essential services including:


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    Foster Homes Urgently Needed

Spring has Sprung! Foster Homes Urgently Needed for orphaned kittens, pregnant or nursing cats with kittens and pets recovering from surgeries. Animal Services will provide the food and pet supplies, you provide the home and the love. Minimum three month commitment required. For more information call 311 or Animal Services at 905-896-5858.

   Calling all Pet Owners

Dog and cat owners can help shape the future of pet licensing in Mississauga.

Take our short survey.

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Apply and pay for new pet licence online as well as renew annual pet licence. Also make updates online to keep owner and pet information current in our system.

  Pet Licensing Self-Service
  Apply for New Pet Licence - Online
  Renew Pet Licence - Online
  Update Owner and Pet Info - Online
  Licence Application Form
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