Rehome a pet

If you are a pet owner and can no longer keep your pet, try rehoming them. This means finding them a new home without having to surrender them to the animal shelter.

The benefits of rehoming include:

  • Pets can go from one home into another without experiencing the stress of staying at a shelter waiting to be adopted.
  • You can communicate directly with potential new owners and provide first-hand information about your pet.

How to rehome a pet

To rehome your pet, visit Home to Home.

Home to Home is free to use, and does not allow money to be exchanged between owners when a pet is rehomed. It enables you to rely on quality communication to ensure your pet finds a new and loving home, instead of on rehoming fees.

Contact us

Call Animal Services Shelter at 905-896-5858 ext. 3, if you have any questions or concerns or if you want to know about other ways to rehome your pet.