Foster a pet

The Mississauga Animal Services Shelter welcomes foster parent volunteers to care for a pet for a short time until they are ready for adoption.

Why foster a pet

  • You help to make a pet more adoptable by giving it another chance to find a happy home
  • It’s the perfect way to learn and care for a pet without making a long-term commitment

How to foster a pet

Complete the Foster Parent Application and email it to Alternatively, you can mail it or bring it in person to the Animal Services Shelter, 735 Central Parkway West, Mississauga, ON L5C 4H4.

What happens next

Our staff will get in touch with you to conduct a home inspection and give guidelines for foster care.

Once approved, your name will be added to the foster parent waitlist. We’ll contact you when a pet becomes available for foster care.

Pets that need foster homes

  • Nursing or expectant mothers
  • Pets recovering from surgery
  • Orphaned pets
  • Pets with behavioural issues

For more information about fostering a pet, email