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City springs into maintenance and cleanup season

Spring is here and the City of Mississauga's crews will be busy filling potholes, clearing debris, fixing sidewalks and getting parks and trails ready for the busy season.

City services | March 19, 2024

With the arrival of milder weather, the City of Mississauga’s annual spring maintenance and cleanup work has begun.

During the winter, Mississauga’s roads, infrastructure, parks and trails are exposed to harsh and messy weather. This time of year, residents can expect to see City crews completing annual spring maintenance and cleanup work to tidy up Mississauga’s shared spaces and keep everyone moving safely.

Maintenance on roads and infrastructure

The following spring maintenance and cleanup work takes place on the City’s roads and infrastructure:

  • Pothole and asphalt repair on City roads, including residential streets and bike lanes
  • Sidewalk inspection and repair
  • Sod damage repair caused by snow-clearing operations
  • Litter cleanup on roadways, catch basins and drains
  • Street sweeping and hard surface flushing on curb-facing sidewalks, traffic islands, hard-surfaced boulevards, roads, curbside gutters and on-street bike lanes

Maintaining roads and infrastructure helps keep residents and visitors moving safely and efficiently any way that they choose, whether its by foot, bike, transit or vehicle. As actions within the City’s Vision Zero Action Plan, this work is helping Mississauga reach its goal of zero fatal and serious-injury collisions on the road.

City staff repairing sod beside the entrance to a park trail.

Potholes and asphalt repair

In the winter, freezing and thawing can cause water under asphalt to expand and contract, which can lead to potholes and cracks in the roadway. While the majority of potholes are repaired in the spring, the City repairs potholes year-round when temperatures are warmer and the weather allows for it. This is more efficient, cost-effective and helps keep roads in a state of good repair so that residents and visitors can travel safely all year long.

Thanks to this winter’s milder weather, crews have already used almost 12 tonnes of asphalt cold patch to fill potholes.

City staff person fixing a pothole on a residential street in Mississauga

Street sweeping and cleaning

In April, weather permitting, the City begins sweeping streets and flushing hard surfaces to clear litter and debris left behind from the winter, such as on sidewalks, traffic islands, hard-surfaced boulevards, roads and bike lanes. Street sweeping helps prevent pollutants from entering local waterways through Mississauga’s stormwater system. These pollutants can end up in Lake Ontario, Mississauga’s main source of drinking water.

Truck flushing debris from sidewalk.

Parks and trails maintenance

This time of year, crews will also be working hard to get parks, greenspaces and trails ready for the busy spring and summer seasons. This work includes:

  • Litter cleanup
  • Preparing plant beds for planting
  • Cleanup of trails and turf areas
  • Preparing and maintaining sports fields for the upcoming season
  • Trimming trees, hedges and bushes away from roadways and sidewalks
  • Maintaining recently planted trees, including burlap removal, minor pruning, replacing tree stakes and reforming mulch saucers

How you can help

Take action by:

Keeping everyone safe

As spring maintenance and road construction season begins, take the following actions to keep yourself and others safe when travelling through the city:

  • Be alert and slow down in work areas
  • Give crews, trucks and equipment lots of space
  • Respect and follow any barricades and signage at work sites
  • Be patient and expect delays on the road during repairs

Road sign that says "yield to oncoming traffic"

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