Newcomers to Mississauga

Explore the programs and services available to new residents in Mississauga and find important information on settling in the area.

Things to do in Mississauga

Mississauga offers a number of parks, trails, playgrounds and public spaces to enjoy throughout the year.

You can also keep active and sign up for fitness programs or try playing a sport. You may be eligible for the fee assistance program called ActiveAssist that gives newcomers with refugee status access to recreation and culture programs.

The City also hosts cultural events and exhibitions, or you can attend art, culture and heritage classes located in our local community centres.

Learn English

The City’s libraries are free to anyone living, working or studying in Mississauga and offers several programs to help newcomers improve their language skills and boost their confidence in speaking English.

The library also offers newspapers and magazines in 60 languages and public-use computers with internet access.

Travel and transportation

Mississauga’s transit service is called MiWay. Using a PRESTO card is the most affordable way to pay for your journey. There are also discounts available for residents who earn lower incomes through the Affordable Transit Program.

For travel outside of the City, use Go Transit and VIA Rail. If you want to drive, visit to find out more about road conditions, driver’s licences and vehicle registration.


If you’re in an emergency situation that requires immediate police, fire or medical attention, call 911.

It’s important to remain calm and tell the 911 operator what’s happening, where it’s happening and who you are.

If you can’t speak English, stay on the line while the operator contacts their translation service to find someone who speaks your language.

Jobs and volunteering

You can contact your local employment service to help you find work. These agencies also provide free assistance in preparing your resume, assessing your skills and providing career advice.

There are also a number of volunteering roles in Mississauga, which are a great way to meet new people and feel part of the community.


Visit the Peel region’s immigration website to find out about the types of housing there is in Mississauga, how to rent or buy a house, get a mortgage or find a shelter near you.

Health care

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers many health services you might need, like seeing a doctor or visiting a hospital. Apply to access OHIP and receive a health card to use the service.

Once you have your health card, find a family doctor and make sure you know where your local hospital is located.


Learn about Ontario’s education system and find out how to register your child for school.

If you are interested in further education or gaining more skills there are several college or university courses available. You can also apply for adult education and training.

Child care

If you need to enrol your children in child care, the following websites can help: