Property standards

All property owners in the City must repair and maintain their property according to the City’s by-laws, including owners of rental properties.

This information is included as a summary only. If you need detailed information please check the applicable City by-laws or contact us with specific questions.

Common property standards include:

Tall grass and weeds

Grass and weeds on private property and the adjoining boulevard must be cut and maintained to a height not exceeding 20 centimetres as per the Nuisance Weed and Tall Grass Control By-law. Nuisance weeds must be removed and destroyed from private property.

Standing water

An accumulation of stagnant water on private property that’s causing a health hazard such as attracting mosquitos must be either filled or properly drained. For more information on standing water and West Nile Virus, check Peel Public Health.

Address numbers

All properties must have building numbers that are visible from the road. You can report a missing municipal address number to the City.

Building maintenance

The entire property, both interiors and exteriors, must be structurally sound, kept clean, free of hazards and in good repair according to the Property Standards By-law, Zoning By-law and Ontario Building Code.


One clothesline is allowed per home as per the Clothesline By-law. An extra one is allowed for homes with second units. Clotheslines must in the back yard, at least 1.25 metres from all property lines and maximum three metres high.


The maximum driveway width will depend on the zoning of the property. You can report a driveway that’s too wide.


All buildings, structures, fences or other objects should be kept clean of graffiti at all times. You can report graffiti on private or City property.


Exterior lights should not shine directly into another property. If lights in your neighbourhood are causing a problem you can report nuisance lighting.

Litter and waste

Waste containers must be stored in the backyard, side yard or garage when they’re not out for pickup. If someone has been dumping garbage or debris you can report litter or dumping.


All pools and hot tubs must have a pool enclosure, be properly maintained and free from leaks or damage. Pool-related equipment such as pool filters or heaters must be kept in the backyard.

Snow clearing

Owners of multi-unit residential buildings, commercial or industrial properties must keep all ramps, sidewalks, and parking areas clear of ice and snow.


Trees on private property must be maintained so they don’t cause a safety hazard. If a tree is causing a problem you can report a tree on private property.

Report a property standards violation

To report a property that does not comply with City by-laws, you can call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or visit the Customer Service Counter, located on the ground floor of 300 City Centre Drive.

The counter is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

This information is included as a summary only. If you need detailed information please check the applicable City by-laws or contact us with specific questions.

Common property standards include:

Adequate temperature

Landlords must maintain adequate heat (at least 20 degrees Celsius) throughout the year. In units that include air conditioning, landlords must also maintain adequate cooling.

Second units

All second units or basement apartments must be registered with the City.

HVAC and plumbing

Heating systems and duct work must be kept in good working order. All residential units must be equipped with hot and cold running water and proper bathroom facilities.


The interior and exterior of all buildings must have adequate levels of lighting.

Litter, debris and pests

Buildings must be kept free of debris at all times to prevent health hazards and pest infestations such as insects, rodents, or vermin.

Make a complaint about a rental property

If you’re a tenant and you want to make a complaint about your rental property, we’d suggest you notify your landlord first. If your landlord doesn’t address the issue, contact 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).