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Our police, fire and emergency medical services play an important role in Mississauga by protecting our communities, caring for our health, and keeping our streets safe. However, the significant labour costs for emergency services (police, fire and emergency medical services) remain a concern for the City of Mississauga and other municipalities of Ontario. Labour costs for emergency services continue to escalate and contribute as a significant proportion of the municipal operating budget.

The cost of wages, benefits, pensions, and other areas of compensation for emergency service workers are negotiated through collective bargaining agreements. Yet, when a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, these emergency services without the right to strike, proceed to the interest arbitration process. This process provides for arbitration to issue an award which is final and binding on all parties. The awards issued by Interest Boards of Arbitration have failed to adhere to the requirement to consider a municipality's ability to pay. This has caused higher settlements than what would have been freely negotiated. As a result, this process continues to increase the costs of emergency services and removes the municipal employer's efforts to control labour costs.

The City of Mississauga is calling on the new provincial government to change the rules of arbitration governing the municipal public service and to ensure that fair and equitable rules are in place that can benefit residents of all municipalities. 


The question that provincial political parties should answer is:

Will your party agree to change the rules of arbitration and make arbitration settlements more affordable to communities?

If you wish to read more on this topic, please refer to the corporate report entitled "Provincial Election 2011:  Summary of Key Issues for the City of Mississauga"  (pages 9-11)