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Infrastructure: Building Strong, Sustainable Communities

The quality of life of Mississauga residents relies on essential infrastructure such as roads, bridges, transit, parks, trails and community centres being in a state of good repair. Infrastructure is what makes our economy run, connects our communities, creates jobs, and makes Mississauga a destination for business and talent

The City of Mississauga currently owns approximately $8.9 billion worth of infrastructure. This year alone, there is a $260 million gap between what the City can afford to build and maintain, and what we need to build and maintain while keeping property taxes affordable for residents.

This gap exists because while municipalities own 60% of the country's infrastructure, we only receive 8 cents from every tax dollar collected. This simply isn't enough to fund city services and maintain infrastructure like roads, bridges and waterways in Canada's sixth largest city.

The reality is that every year, this gap in funding only continues to grow.

In order to build Mississauga into a world-class city, we need the provincial government to commit to doing more to help Mississauga close this gap by providing long-term, predictable and sustainable infrastructure funding.

Read the Mississauga infrastructure brochure to learn what the City is responsible for.