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Public Transit

Public Transit

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Connected, Seamless, Rapid Public Transit

We've heard from residents that transit and transportation, and by extension congestion, remains a top priority for our city .

The City of Mississauga has a strategic vision that is only achievable if we build public transit systems that are reliable, efficient and sustainable. The City has worked closely with the provincial government and its transit agency, Metrolinx to build new public transit in our City, including the recently opened Mississauga Transitway. Our city wants to significantly increase the number of people who take transit which means there must a variety of transit systems that work together to improve travel times and enhance rider experience.

In order to get more residents using MiWay, we need a committed provincial partner to help fund the following projects:


The Completion of the Hurontario LRT

While the province of Ontario and the City of Mississauga have committed to fully-funding the LRT and planning and design are well underway, the project is not yet complete. It is important that all candidates and political parties understand the importance of this project to the growth of Mississauga and follow through with their commitment to fully funding the LRT should they form government.


All-Day, Two-way GO Service Through Mississauga

All Day, Two-Way service on all three Mississauga GO Transit Lines, particularly the Milton line, is essential for our city's future growth and economic competitiveness. Despite being the second busiest corridor in the GO Transit network, serving over 20,000 passengers per day and supporting over 77,000 jobs, the province has yet to commit to funding all-day two-way GO service on the Milton line.

All-day service on both the Milton and Kitchener GO Transit lines is currently prevented by the presence of heavy freight rail traffic that travels through both lines. The Missing Link can help achieve expanded all-day, two-way service on the Milton and Kitchener GO lines by relocating heavy freight rail elsewhere.


The Downtown Mississauga Terminal and Transitway Connection

In December 2017, the final station on the Mississauga Transitway opened. In order to complete the project a new transit terminal is needed in downtown Mississauga that will create a central mobility hub by connecting MiWay and GO Transit buses, as well as the Hurontario LRT. The downtown section of the transitway is the busiest and at present, buses are operating in mixed traffic. Building this terminal and connection will provide relief for both buses and cars in the downtown core.

Read the Mississauga transit brochure to learn why transit matters in Mississauga.


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