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Regional Government Review


In January 2019, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced that it had appointed two special advisors, Ken Seiling and Michael Fenn, to review regional government in Ontario.

Mississauga is currently a member of the Region of Peel, along with the City of Brampton and Town of Caledon.

On March 27, Mississauga City Council adopted a motion, approving in principle, that Mississauga become independent from the Region of Peel as its preferred option, subsequent to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing's regional government review.

As the third-largest municipality in Ontario and sixth-largest in Canada, Mississauga wants to control its own future, similar to other cities such as London, Windsor, Guelph, Thunder Bay and Dryden.

Top 10 Reasons Mississauga Should be Independent from the Region of Peel

Resident Town Hall

On April 8, Mississauga Mayor and City Council held a Resident Town Hall on the matter of independence from the Region of Peel.

The Town Hall provided residents with the opportunity to provide feedback to Mayor and Members of Council on this matter. A presentation overview was provided by Mississauga’s City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer, Janice Baker, followed by a question and answer session, facilitated by Mayor Crombie.

View Mayor Crombie's statement

Show your support

Residents are being asked to show their support towards independence by:

  1. Completing the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing online public consultation at: before May 21, 2019.

    Please take a moment to review the information tip sheet that lists each of the questions from the online consultation along with responses.

  2. Posting on social media using the following hashtag #OneCityOneVoice.

    I support @citymississauga as an independent city, no longer a part of the Region of Peel. #Mississauga #RegionalGovernmentReview @SteveClarkPC