Average Residential Tax Bill

The average current value assessment of a single family dwelling in Mississauga is $564,000.

Your 2016 Residential Property Tax Bill includes the City, Region of Peel and Education levies.

Breakdown of City of Mississauga Services

Here is a look at how the taxes for City services ($1,654) are distributed for an average single family dwelling with an assessed value of $564,000.  

Fire & Emergency Services
Mississauga Transit
Capital Infrastructure & Debt Repayment Levy
Parks & Forestry
Business Services
Mississauga Library
Information Technology
Facilities & Property Management
Strategic Policy
Land Development Services
Arts & Culture
Emerald Ash Borer Management
All Other Services

Distribution of Tax Bill 


Region of Peel 45%
Education 22%
City of Mississauga 33%

For further information, please contact the Customer Service Centre at 3-1-1, or if calling outside the City limits call 905-615-4311, or e-mail: tax@mississauga.ca.


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