The "cool indicators" help measure progress towards becoming an active City that attracts people, jobs and opportunity for everyone. These unique indicators measure our vibrancy and show what sets Mississauga apart from other municipalities.

The number of post-secondary institutions remains constant however with expansion of Sheridan College's Hazel McCallion campus, we expect an increase in the number of 20-34 year olds living and working in the downtown.

Mississauga continues to demonstrate the City's commitment to celebrating diversity and connecting our neighbourhoods. This commitment was reinforced with the release of Vision Cooksville, a long-range plan that sets out how the area of Hurontario and Dundas Streets will look over the next 20-30 years.

The number of volunteer hours dedicated to the City (Recreation, Parks and Forestry, Library, Mississauga Celebration Square and Environment) remains steady and demonstrates our residents' dedication to our city.

The City's social media networks are being used more than ever to connect us with residents, visitors and businesses like never before. Social channels are rapidly becoming one of the most efficient communication channels for a variety of business functions including news and information, program promotion, customer service and crisis communications.

Mississauga is a young, inspiring city that continues to foster growth. The annual increase in local start-up businesses in Mississauga is a testament to our status as a hub for innovation and our desire to cultivate success.

With a number of exciting projects on the go, we will continue to attract people, businesses and opportunity to Mississauga; making it a city where people choose to be.

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