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Add Some Me-Time to Your Holiday Season To-Do List

City services | December 16, 2022

From parties and family gatherings, to end-of-year deadlines and endless shopping lists, this time of year can take its toll, mentally and physically. While the City of Mississauga makes it easy to access activities, programs and classes, the City also has parks, trails and cozy indoor spots to help you unwind from the hustle and bustle. When putting together your to-do list, make sure to prioritize some me-time at Mississauga’s parks, trails, libraries or community centres.

Visit a Mississauga Trail or Park
Most of the City’s trails are maintained and can be safely used in the winter, and those that aren’t can still be used in the snowy months for snowshoeing and deep-snow hiking. Looking for a quiet winter escape? Check out one of the parks or trails below.

Cooksville Creek Trail & Fairwinds Park
Located along the Cooksville Creek, this trail can provide a quick escape from the bustle of Mississauga’s downtown. While you’re in the area, stop at Fairwinds Park to enjoy the 3 Arches pavilion. 3 Arches by Polymetis is one of more than 35 public artworks across Mississauga. The piece was designed to encourage contemplation about the surrounding world and landscape, specifically the diverse plants and animals in the Cooksville Creek wetland.

Kariya Park
Kariya Park is a peaceful oasis all year long. Well-known for its spectacular display of cherry blossoms and magnolia trees in the spring, this picturesque park is equally beautiful in the fall and winter. Enjoy one of the many footpaths throughout the park that will lead you to views of the pavilion, pond and artwork, or rest at one of the benches.

Lakefront Promenade
The sun may be setting earlier this time of year, but that doesn’t make the sunsets any less beautiful. Pack a warm drink, bundle up and head to Lakefront Promenade to catch views of the sun setting over the lake and the marina. While you’re there, take a stroll throughout the park or along the quiet beach. For a longer walk, hop on the Waterfront Trail and head west. You’ll come across the historic and picturesque Adamson Estate – one of Mississauga’s hidden gems.

Sawmill Valley Trail
Sawmill Valley Trail is a nine-kilometre trail that crosses over the Credit River and follows Sawmill Creek. With a mix of paved paths, wooden boardwalks and packed dirt paths, this trail boasts a densely forested area that makes you forget you’re in the heart of the city. It is also a great location for wildlife spotting and birdwatching.

 Osprey Marsh Loop Trail
The Osprey Marsh Loop Trail is a must-see addition to your walk along the Lisgar Meadow Brook Trail. This fully paved, five-kilometre trail wraps around Osprey Marsh and is the perfect spot to stop and watch the birds in their nesting boxes along the trail. Serene and peaceful, take a seat at one of the benches and spend some time in nature.

When visiting Mississauga’s trails and parks:

  • Stay on designated trails and paths and respect natural areas.
  • Dress in warm layers and consider wearing hiking shoes or boots with good traction.
  • Keep your dog on a leash and always stoop and scoop.
  • Don’t forget to hydrate – bring a reusable water bottle.
  • Bringing snacks? Remember to dispose of your garbage. In the winter, waste containers are located at the entrances and exits of parks and trails.
  • If walking at dusk or dawn, remember that coyotes are more active at these times. Review these coyote safety tips before you head out.
  • If you spot wildlife, remember not to feed them.

Don’t let safety slip your mind – Stay off frozen bodies of water
Although it may be tempting to get close to the water to capture that perfect photo, conditions surrounding creeks, rivers, ponds and lakes can be slippery this time of year. Keep a safe distance away from the water and keep a close eye on children and pets.

You may also start to see ice forming on local waterways, including ditches and culverts. Remember to stay off the ice. Thin ice and changing water levels put you at risk of falling through.

Looking for some quiet time indoors instead?

Head to the library
Grab a spot at your local Mississauga Library location for some quiet, cozy indoor time. Pick up a book or newspaper, book a study spot or room to get some work done or log in to one of the available computers. Want to bring some outdoors indoors? Light therapy lamps can be found at most library locations. The light from these lamps mimics natural outdoor light.

Relax in the Pool
Looking to mix your quiet time with some movement? Consider trying a lane swim or visiting a heated therapeutic pool at your local community centre. Visit for schedules and information.

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