Tow Trucks

Tow Trucks that offer themselves for hire to the public are governed by City of Mississauga By-law 521-04. This by-law sets out requirements for the the equipment being carried on these vehicles, the behaviour of drivers attending the scene of an accident and the rates that they may charge for towing from the accident.

Collision Towing Flat Rate
If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision any licensed tow truck responding to the scene will be required to charge you $290.00 plus HST, no more and no less with no other charges other than the applicable federal and provincial taxes. This fee covers the cost that will be incurred to have your car towed from the accident scene to a location of your choosing. There should be no additional charge for mileage.

Tow Truck Drivers are licensed by the City of Mississauga and as a result are required to adhere to the provisions as set out in the By-law. Some of the responsibilities for tow truck drivers, are as follows:

  • take proper care of the vehicle and property entrusted to them for towing
  • comply with the reasonable instructions of the person hiring them
  • behave in a courteous manner
  • keep their vehicle clean and in good repair
  • present an itemized bill before demanding payment

Before towing your vehicle the tow truck driver is also required to fill out and have you sign a "Permission to Tow" form which is to be completed prior to the start of any towing. This form does not commit the vehicle owner to having any work done other than having the vehicle towed and provides a written record as to your intention regarding your intended destination.

Good preparation is important and you should discuss with all individuals who will be driving your vehicle what measures should be taken in the event of an collision. Knowing beforehand which company you will wish to use to tow or service your vehicle will allow you to avoid the pitfalls identified below. For more information you may obtain the "What to do in Case of a Collision" brochure from your Mississauga Insurance broker or from the Mobile Licensing Office.

For more information or to register a complaint, contact the Mobile Licensing Section.

The Towing Industry Advisory Committee (TIAC) makes recommendations on matters relating to the towing industry in the City of Mississauga. For more information, including meeting minutes and agendas please visit the TIAC webpage. For the calendar of committee meetings, visit the Council and Committee Calendar webpage.

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