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Transportation Network Company

The Mobile Licensing office at 3235 Mavis Road is open by appointment only. Appropriate health and safety protocols are in place. Book an appointment

What documents, approvals and fees you need to apply for a Transportation Network Company (TNC) licence, as well as driver and vehicle requirements.

To operate in Mississauga, the TNC will need to provide the following:

  • AnĀ Owner Licence Application
  • The name, phone number and email of an authorized representative of the TNC
  • A list of all drivers working for the TNC including their full names, licence plate numbers and the year, make and model of their vehicles
  • Sworn declaration that all drivers have provided the required paperwork
  • Insurance certificate with commercial general liability insurance for $5,000,000. The City must be named as additional insured with an indemnity clause in favour of the City.
  • Sworn declaration that the TNC will maintain and deliver data securely and ensure all of their drivers maintain driver requirements
  • A report from an independent third party auditor, if requested

If the company is a corporation, you’ll also need:

  • Articles of incorporation or other incorporating documents (from the Province of Ontario or Government of Canada)
  • List of directors

If the company is a partnership, you’ll also need:

  • Name and address of each partner
  • Registered business address and contact information of TNC

Licence fee

To operate in Mississauga, the TNC will need to pay the annual TNC licensing fee of $20,000.

All drivers must provide an:

  • An acceptable criminal and driving record
  • Automobile liability insurance for $2,000,000 with a ride sharing policy
  • An annual safety standards certificate

Drivers must only accept trips requested through the TNC app. Drivers can only carry a maximum of seven passengers at one time (excluding the driver themselves).

All TNC vehicles must:

  • Be four door and a maximum of seven model years old
  • Be registered in Ontario
  • Both the exterior and interior must be clean and in good repair
  • Have working seat belts, heating, air conditioning and GPS navigation
  • Be equipped with snow tires or all weather tires from December 1 to April 30

For more information, please contact 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits) or emailĀ