Paid parking lots

To apply for a Parking Lot licence you’ll need to submit:

  • A Driver/Operator Licence Application
  • Letter of Permission from Property Owner to operate a paid parking lot
  • Articles of incorporation and/or business registration documents
  • Letter of Authorization from Director when sending an Agent to act on behalf
  • Zoning Certificate of Occupancy for permitted use of location. Approval for a minor variance from the Committee of Adjustment may also be required.
  • Site location map of the parking lot that requires a licence
  • Letter describing the maximum number of motor vehicles authorized to be parked on the premises at any one time and the hours of operation

The site must be inspected by a Mobile Licensing Enforcement Officer.

Licence fees

A paid parking lot licence will cost $212.71 along with site inspection fee of $131.27 (HST included). Fees are payable by cheque, Debit, Visa, Master Card or AMEX.

Renewing an owner’s licence

Your licence will expire one year from the date of issuance. A renewal notice will be mailed to the address we have on file for you.

To renew your licence, you’ll need to submit the following documents and pay your renewal fee:

  • A Licence Renewal Application completed by the Director/Owner
  • Valid master business name registration, if applicable

The business location will be inspected by a Mobile Licensing Enforcement Officer to ensure bylaw requirements are met.

The fee to renew your licence is $207.41.

If you don’t renew your licence by the expiry date, you’ll have to reapply as a new applicant.