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Our Future Mississauga

1. Lead and Encourage Environmentally Responsible Approaches – to lead and promote the utilization of technologies and tactics to conserve energy and water, reduce emissions and waste, improve our air quality, and protect our natural environment.
2. Conserve, Enhance and Connect Natural Environments – to be responsible stewards of the land by conserving, enhancing and connecting natural environments.
3. Promote a Green Culture – to lead a change in behaviours to support a more responsible and sustainable approach to the environment, that will minimize our impact on the environment and contribute to reversing climate change.

Visionary Action – We will transform Mississauga into a “net-zero” carbon city to become a leader in green initiatives by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our city.

Transforming Mississauga to a net-zero carbon city is a long-term goal, one shared by several cities (including Melbourne, Australia and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates). No large urban city has achieved true zero-carbon so far, and this ambitious action will no doubt take decades to achieve. However, Mississauga has already taken steps to move in a more sustainable direction and create a net-zero city corporation, a shorter-term target. We have partnered in various initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the City Clean Strategy, City Smog Alert Response Plan, and Mississauga Anti-Idling Awareness Campaign. This visionary action will build on such current work, with the goal of creating a net-zero carbon city that will improve the quality of the environment and the health of Mississauga’s citizens.

City Initiatives Underway
Credit River Water Management Implementation Strategy
Green Development Strategy
Living Green Master Plan
Partners in Project Green

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