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Help animals in our care by making a donation to the Animal Services Special Care for Animals and Resources Fund (SCARF). Supporting SCARF will help enrich and save the lives of shelter pets until they are healthy and strong enough to be placed for adoption in a loving permanent home.


All funds collected through SCARF are used to help the animals in the care of Mississauga Animal Services by:

  • Providing extra veterinary care and specialized surgeries
  • Purchasing shelter enrichment items and medications for the animals
  • Supporting spay and neuter of adoption animals
  • Providing funds to the animal foster care program for specialized diets and care
  • Making non-budgeted shelter improvements to animal housing and equipment
  • Promoting awareness through education and outreach programs.

Download the SCARF donation form and information brochure for details.

Make a Donation


Donate now

Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

By Mail

Mail a completed SCARF donation form to Mississauga Animal Services with your cheque payable to "City of Mississauga SCARF Fund". Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

In Person

Visit the shelter to complete SCARF donation form and make payment. Please make all donations payable to "City of Mississauga SCARF Fund". Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Items Needed at the Shelter

Mississauga Animal Services accepts the following new or gently used items at the shelter:

  • Cat climbers and scratching posts
  • Pet food bowls
  • Blankets, towels
  • Newspapers
  • Purina Pro Plan - Dog and Cat Food (Kibble and Canned)
  • Leather or Nylon Leashes and Collars
  • Dog and Cat Treats
  • Kitty Litter – Clay-non clumping
  • Toys that can be washed and sterilized
  • Pine Shavings
  • Timothy Hay (nutritious grass for small animals)
  • Water Bottles – All sizes
  • Bird Items – Cages, feeders, perches, millet seed
  • Pocket Pet Items - Chew Sticks, Houses, Climbers, Cages
  • Dog and Cat Brushes.
  • Friskies canned cat food
  • Cesar wet dog food
Thank you for your generosity.