Pigeons can move into an area depending on the availability of food, water and nesting spaces. They look for sheltered, raised, flat surfaces to nest.

Do not feed pigeons

It’s illegal to feed wildlife in public, including pigeons. Feeding pigeons can increase damage to nearby properties and create unsanitary conditions.

Pigeons nesting on balconies or rooftops

Pigeons nesting on a balcony or rooftop can cause unsanitary problems. Inhaling airborne spores from pigeon feces can cause respiratory infections such as histoplasmosis.

If you live in an apartment building or condo and you have pigeons nesting on your balcony, alert building management immediately.

Pigeon removal or control

The City’s Animal Services department does not remove pigeons from private property. To remove pigeons, you will need to call a professional company.

These companies use methods such as capture and relocation, predation with falcons and exclusion. These methods are only successful if you use preventative measures immediately afterwards.

Preventing pigeons from nesting

Check the balcony daily for signs of nesting materials, and remove them immediately. If you’re on vacation or away for any length of time have a friend or neighbour check the balcony for you.

To prevent pigeons from nesting on your balcony or roof:

  • Do not feed pigeons
  • Store garbage indoors in sealed metal containers
  • Keep balconies clear of debris, clutter and furniture
  • Use physical barriers such as blinds or netting to make sure birds can’t get entangled
  • Secure tin flashing to balcony rail or ledges at a 45 degree angle to stop pigeons from perching
  • Install several strands of filament line two inches above ledges to prevent perching
  • Hang strips of fabric, balloons or other devices that move in the wind to discourage birds

Make sure any deterrent you install is properly secured to ensure public safety.

Other types of prevention such as odour deterrents are not very effective for birds. Noise deterrents may be illegal if they disturb neighbours.

Installing barriers like commercial porcupine wire must be completed by a professional.

Placing poison for pigeons is illegal due to the risk of affecting other birds.

Pigeon keeping

It’s legal to keep domestic pigeons in Mississauga, but certain restrictions apply. For more information check the Animal Care and Control By-law.