Pet Licensing

License a Pet

cat with licence ID tag

Every dog and cat in Mississauga needs to be licensed as per the Animal Care and Control By-law 0098-04. A pet licence is your pet's identification containing vital information that can help Mississauga Animal Services return them right to your door. Licences must be renewed each year on the anniversary of purchase.

Pet owners are responsible for the purchase and renewal of a pet licence. Pet licences must be visible on the pet's collar.

Owners of unlicensed pets are subject to an administrative penalty of $125 as per the By-law.

Licence Fees

Type of Pet Regular Rate Seniors' Rate
(65 years and above)
Unaltered Dog or Cat $45 per year $20 per year
Spayed or Neutered Dog or Cat $20 per year $10 per year
Replacement Tag $5 $5
Service Dog* No fee No fee

* Valid certificate/identification required.

Pet licence fees support:

  • care and feeding of homeless pets
  • returning lost pets to their homes
  • veterinary services to animals in the care of Animal Services
  • adopting homeless pets to new families
  • rescuing sick, injured domestic animals and wildlife
  • 24/7 emergency animal rescue services
  • investigating animal care issues
  • keeping neighbourhoods safe for people and pets
  • community education programs

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By Mail

Download the pet licence application and mail it to Mississauga Animal Services with your payment. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

In Person

Visit the shelter to complete application and make payment.

By Telephone

Call 905-896-5858, press option 3. (Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.). You can pay using Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

For Replacement tags: Call 905-896-5858, press option 3.

Local Community Centre

  • Pet licences can be purchased at your local Community Centre.
  • Existing pet licences can be renewed at Community Centres only if you bring your pet licence renewal form.
  • Replacement tags cannot be purchased at a Community Centre. Contact the shelter to purchase a replacement tag.
  • Cheques are not accepted at Community Centres for payment.