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2024 Strategic Plan Review

The City is developing a new Strategic Plan that will reflect our share vision and key priorities and outline a roadmap on how to achieve them.

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  1. 1
    Winter 2023

    Review objectives, timelines and how residents can get involved

  2. 2
    Summer/Fall 2024

    Engage residents, businesses and community partners through a community engagement plan

  3. 3
    Winter 2024

    Collect, review and validate community feedback and draft the final plan

  4. 4
    Spring 2025

    Launch the 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

  5. 5

    Collect information and data to measure the progress and achievements set in the Strategic Plan

What is a Strategic Plan?

A Strategic Plan is the City’s highest level policy document that shapes and directs our strategic decision-making. The policies in the Strategic Plan address important areas of focus that affect everyone who lives and works in Mississauga. The areas of focus include transportation, housing, culture and heritage, the environment and economy.

The Strategic Plan is different from the City’s Official Plan, which focuses on Mississauga’s land use and urban design.


The purpose of this project is to refresh the City’s current Strategic Plan beginning in winter 2023 and launch community engagement activities in 2024 as part of the City’s 50th anniversary.

Through the project, the City will create a Strategic Plan that will achieve the following actions:

  • Define and shape the City’s key priorities and future course
  • Provide a framework for developing action items
  • Inform budget decisions and how resources get allocated
  • Serve as an overarching plan that guides and supports other divisional plans
  • Identify strategic priorities based on data and information relevant to Mississauga

Action plan

Mississauga is a thriving, dynamic and global city with opportunities to grow into a greater city where residents are proud to live and work. The City is committed to making this happen by updating the Strategic Plan with the following priorities in mind:

  • Clarity and collaboration: The City will ensure the project’s purpose, process and roles of each participant are clear and transparent.
  • Engagement: The City will provide diverse engagement opportunities to ensure all Mississauga residents are heard and can get involved and contribute to the plan.
  • Sustainability: The City will ensure social, environment and economic sustainability is considered and guides decision-making throughout the project.

Get involved

Help shape our City by staying informed on the project’s progress and providing your feedback.

You can get project updates and learn about engagement opportunities through various ways, including the following:

Past community engagement events

Check out the video from the event “Mississauga’s next 50 years: an evening with Brent Toderian.” Brent Toderian is a renowned urbanist and city planner, and in this video he shares his thoughts on creating livable and sustainable cities.

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