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The Cities NOW campaign was created in November 2007 as a public campaign to raise awareness among residents, businesses and cities across Canada about the need for ongoing, sustainable infrastructure funding for municipalities.  

The Cities NOW! campaign began in response to the Federal Government's October 31 mini-budget, which announced a $14.1 billion budget surplus, yet failed to address the $123 billion infrastructure deficit that exists for municipalities across Canada.

The Cities NOW! campaign helped raise the issue of the importance of ongoing, sustainable infrastructure funding for municipalities across Canada in order to keep cities and Canada's economy strong.

The Cities NOW! website is an excellent resource for research on infrastructure.  It contains a variety of publications, reports and studies detailing the necessity of infrastructure funding for cities across Canada.

Cities NOW! is a public campaign designed to raise awareness among residents, businesses and cities across Canada about the need for sustainable, permanent funding for municipal infrastructure projects.

Cities are the economic engines of Canada, and the Federal Government needs to support cities by providing long-term funding for infrastructure projects to help cities grow, maintain citizens' quality of life and keep Canada's economy strong.

  • 80 per cent of Canada's population lives in urban areas
  • municipalities own 58 per cent of the nation's infrastructure, compared to the Province who owns 30 per cent and the Federal Government who owns only 12 per cent
  • municipalities own the majority of Canada's infrastructure, yet we receive only 8 cents from every tax dollar
  • with just 8 cents, cities have been asked to fund all city services and maintain current, and build new, infrastructure
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