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2015 Budget

Give feedback and find the information
you need about the 2015 City Budget.

Ward 4 By-election

April 27 is By-election Day in Ward 4.
Nomination Day is March 13.

Snow Clearing Updates

Live updates, service levels, routes & maps for City snow clearing operations.

Make Time for Family Fun

Swim, skate and play for free
on February 16.

Parking Permits Online

Temporary parking permits can
now be submitted online.

Family Day Skate

Horse & carriage rides, buskers,
food trucks, skating, fire pits & more

Now Available

On-line language learning through
conversations and films at your Library.

Be a Good Neighbour

Clear your walk of snow and ice
Help older adults/persons with disabilities

Get Your Tickets

TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games
tickets are now on sale. Get yours today!

Sport Summit

Join us Feb. 28 for a uniuqe learning and
networking opportunity for sports groups.