Leslie Family

Harold Leslie was born August 10, 1932 and helped supply the following information. The Cemetery was surveyed in the spring of 1892.

John Leslie Junior was born in 1808 and married Isabella Steen on May 12, 1935. He died December 26, 1893 and was one of the earlier people buried in the cemetery. Isabella Steen died on January 12, 1897 in her 84th year. John and Isabella were the great grandparents of Harold Leslie.

George Leslie was born on January 8, 1846 and married Jane McClure on December 21, 1876 and he died on April 5, 1910. Jane McClure was born in 1865 and died on January 10, 1934. George and Jane were the grandparents of Harold Leslie.

Wilbert Leslie was born October 18, 1889, he married Sylvia Jean Burton on September 20, 1921 and died February 21, 1963. Wilbert was buried in a cement Vault. Silvia Jean Burton was born on November 22, 1899 and died October 31, 1948 and buried in a rough box. Wilbert and Silvia were the parents of Harold Leslie.

Anne Coyne was the first wife of Thomas Andrew Leslie, she died August 18, 1909 at the age of 27 and was buried at the foot of the tomb stone on the same side as Sylvia. Thomas Andrew Leslie was born May 30, 1881 and died November 7, 1939, he is buried in the 2nd Leslie plot in Streetsville Cemetery with his second wife. Thomas was the oldest brother of Wilbert and Harold's uncle.

George Leslie was born July 12, 1922 and died in 1936, he was the brother of Harold Leslie.

Jack Wilbert Leslie was born on April 12, 1924 and died November 23, 1974 at the age of 50, he was buried November 27, 1974, he had a son Gary and was the brother of Harold Leslie.

Norman Edward Leslie was born March 25, 1930, he died January 16, 1994, he was cremated January 19, 1994 and buried on May 14, 1994 in Section A, Range B, Lot 18, north half of grave 8. He was the brother of Harold Leslie.

Herbert Leslie was born in 1933 and died in 1933 (only lived a few days) as a baby and is buried on top of one of the grandparents Herbert was the brother of Harold Leslie.

The second Leslie plot Section A, Range B Lots 17 and 18 is located on the north east end of the oldest part of the cemetery. This is were Thomas Andrew Leslie is buried along with his son T.A. Leslie and his son's wife Marian. T. A. Leslie was the cousin of Harold Leslie.

The third Leslie Plot is about 75 to 100 feet east of Section A, Range B, Lot 17 and has relatives of Harold Leslie buried there.

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