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Seven Ways to Get Settled as a Newcomer in Mississauga during the Winter

City services | November 14, 2022

We are so glad you decided to make Mississauga your new home. Welcome to winter, in case you are not used to the snow! Here are seven ways to help you get settled:

Learn how City services work

Get to know your Councillor, the Mayor and the role of Council. Together, Mississauga and the Region of Peel deliver your local services.

Mississauga is part of a tiered government system: municipal (local) which is the City of Mississauga; regional which is the Region of Peel; provincial which is the Government of Ontario, and federal which is the Government of Canada. The City of Mississauga is responsible for local transportation, fire services, managing parks, libraries, property taxes and city road maintenance among other services and the Region of Peel provides police, ambulance, public health, garbage and recycling, social services and water services.

Visit the City’s website to learn about local services, programs, taxes and permits. Call 311 or use the online form if you are unable to find the information you need about City services.

Deal with the snow in Mississauga

Snow falls in Mississauga from November to April, with most of it landing in January and February. Last January and February, we got a monthly average of almost 50 centimetres.

Get to know how the City clears the snow from roads and sidewalks and your responsibility to clear the snow around your home at

If you live in house with a driveway, you will see that when a snow plow passes, a pile of snow collects. This snow pile is called the windrow. If you are responsible for shovelling your driveway, the City’s winter maintenance includes a first come, first served Driveway Windrow Snow Clearing Program. The program is for eligible residents aged 65 years and older, and for persons with disabilities. Through the program, the City clears enough snow from the windrow (not the entire driveway) for one car to pass safely.

Find out if you are eligible and apply for the program before Friday, November 18.

Keep warm when it gets cold

Mississauga’s winter temperatures can dip to an average of -10 degrees Celsius. If you would like to avoid the cold, there are indoor activities for all interests:

Brave the cold and get rewarded

Visit Mississauga’s many parks and trails in the winter. Many trails are maintained throughout the year and are a great option to get fresh air, exercise and a chance to see the Canadian winter wonderland up close.

Try skating at Celebration Square when the rink opens or grab your sled and try tobogganing at City parks when there is enough snow on the ground.

Get help with job searches

Library staff can help support your job search with free Job Hunting Resources programs and by helping you research potential hiring companies.

Travel around the city

Mississauga’s transit service is called MiWay and you can find fare, route, schedule and trip planning information at Using a PRESTO card ( is the best way to pay for your journey. If you earn a lower income, you can apply through the Region of Peel for a discounted monthly pass on MiWay or Brampton Transit.

Take action in case of emergency

If you are in an emergency that requires immediate police, fire or medical attention, call 911. It is important to remain calm and tell the 911 operator what is happening, where it is happening and who you are. Operators can connect with translation services to find someone who speaks your language if needed.

Find these seven tips and more at Newcomers to Mississauga on the City’s website and Newcomer services on the Library’s website to help make settling here easier.