About the City’s new website

We’ve redesigned the City of Mississauga website for a better user experience. You can expect some short-term disruption as we manage this change. We’re counting on you to give us your feedback to fix anything we’ve missed.

Changes to the site

We’re working hard to finalize the new site’s transition. Many parts of Mississauga.ca are being rebuilt, and content is being moved. While this brings a vast improvement for you, the transitional phase may be disruptive for some customers. You may encounter broken links or error messages.

If you do, please tell us using the feedback button at the bottom of every page.

Login changes

Your login credentials will remain the same for Library catalogue, Recreation, Jobs, and ePlans.

If you log in to purchase items such as tax certificates, tax receipts and compliance reports, you may be prompted to create a new password.

About the design

With the new Mississauga.ca our goal is to create people-centered digital services that are fast, clear, and easy to use for people of all abilities.

We gathered feedback about the former site from thousands of people to find out what we could do better. Above all, we discovered two clear priorities: Improve the navigation, and make information easier to understand.

The new website features:

  • Consistent and responsive design – It’s designed to work on all your favourite devices
  • Fewer pages – thousands of unnecessary pages were removed
  • Plain Language – understand what City services and programs we have – in clear, simple language using the power of search
  • Improved ease of use, convenience, simplicity, and findability of services
  • Designed for better accessibility

As we continue to improve the site we are following better design principles, and building an accessible website.

Give your feedback

The new site will be continually improving based on customer comments. Do you like the new site? Are there things we can do better? We welcome you to explore the site and provide your feedback.

There is a feedback button at the bottom of every page for you to share your thoughts.