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Traffic Safety Council

The Traffic Safety Council evaluates and recommends actions to improve the safety of students along their routes to school.

Agendas, minutes and videos

Access recent agendas and minutes and watch videos of committee meetings in the Council and Committees calendar.

View agendas, minutes and videos

Agendas prior to May 2020

Minutes prior to May 2020

Citizen members

  • Aamira Alvi
  • Muhammad Bhatti
  • Brad Butt
  • Trevor Brown
  • TJ Cieciura
  • Tamara Coulson
  • Robert Crocker
  • Louise Goegan
  • Sushil Kumra
  • Sanjiv Narang
  • Michael Ogilvie
  • Miles Roque
  • Junaid Shah
  • Boris Swedak
  • Thomas Thomas
  • Colin Tyler
  • Peter Westbrook

Council members

Legislative Coordinator

Megan Piercey
905-615-3200 ext. 54915